Term of Use


These present terms of use represent a contract between Nubis Innovations (hereinafter “Nubis”) and the user (hereinafter “The User”) for the Nubis website. By using the aforementioned website, The User agrees to the current terms of use.

In exchange for the agreement and respect of the following clauses, as well as payment of due sums, Nubis grants full access license to The User to use the Nubis website.

Nubis reserves the right to revoke without notice this license and to block access to the website if The User contravenes at either clauses of the present contract or uses this website in a fraudulent manner; all of this without prejudice to The User’s other rights and right of review.

Withdrawal of subscription and refund policy

By using the “My subscription” page, The User can unsubscribe at any given time. The User must then specify the reason for unsubscribing. The User accepts to be invoiced for the totality of the charges for the month in which the cancellation takes place.

If The User stops using Nubis, it is his own responsibility to unsubscribe as soon as possible. Nubis cannot be held responsible for more than 1 month of billing. If The User notices that he did not use Nubis for the entire past month, he will be able to ask for reimbursement in the next 10 business days following the end of the subscription. Nubis does not offer partial monthly reimbursement.

The User can ask for reimbursment using the « Manage your subscription” page. This demand will be processed and evaluated in the next 10 business days and the decision will be communicated to The User by the means of the email address indicated under the “Contact” section in Nubis. Any refund will be processed on the same credit card used for sign-up and will be reimbursed up to 5 days after the decision has been taken.

If The User contests any fees taken from his credit card from Nubis, he has 30 days to adequately demand a reimbursement from Nubis. After this delay has expired, Nubis reserves the rights to refuse the charge back.

Monthly Billing

Subscription cycles are always from the 1st of the month and billable on the 1st of the next month. For example, the period from January 1st to January 31st would be billed on February 1st.

Nubis always invoices the biggest plan used during the current period for the highest number of employee for which payroll was produced.

Annual Billing

The annual subscription last 1 year and begins at the initial subscription date, as well as being payable in advance by cheque. If the payment hasn’t reached Nubis by the time of renewal, The User’s account will be rendered inaccessible.

Nubis invoices and limits the number of employees to the one included in the subscription plan. If The User wants to modify his subscription, he must do so by phone and the resulting supplement will then be invoiced until the end of the subscription. A grace period of 10 days is given for the cheque to arrive.

The same thing goes for subscribing initially; it must be done by phone during business hours.

Any changes made to the subscription, which reduce the billing amount, will be calculated based on the number of full months left starting on the modification date that Nubis received the request. The difference between the old and new subscription will be converted to a new subscription rate and will extend by the same means, the current subscription. No other forms of refund will be given.


Even though Nubis uses all of the best the industry has to offer in terms of security and encrypting practices, The User understands that Internet security is never absolute.

The User consents to take all necessary measures while using the website such as keeping their login information private as well as disconnecting from the current session while leaving their workstation.


Nubis has all rights reserved to modify the current Terms of Use at any time and without warnings.

Nubis’ website can be updated to a new revision or version that needs to be published and requires for users to be disconnected at the time. As a result, some functionality may be affected, changed or removed. These deployments will often occur when traffic is at its lowest to minimize downtime for the mass of users.


Nubis accepts no responsability with regard to impacts caused by inactivity times, deployments of a new version or any other reasons such as a loss of Internet connection or a hardware deficiency.

By the same means, Nubis accepts no responsability with regard to any lawsuit concerning the results obtained by the use of the website, or by changes in the process to arrive to such results, such as a change in functionalities. Nubis cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of this website, and that, even if Nubis was informed of said damage.

All information provided on the Nubis website is published as is. Nubis offers no warranty concerning its exactitude or viability, nor to the absence of errors or service interruption.

The User recognizes having the necessary skills and knowledge to validate the information and results resulting from using Nubis’ website and that he takes full responsibility for these results.


The User consents in using Nubis’ website for his business needs only and also consents to not modify, or reproduce in parts or in full, the content of this website, nor to transfer or concede its license. The User will not act as to harm the website’s operations.

External sites and documents

Certain documents, as well as certain hyperlinks originating from external sources, are present on the Nubis website. The User consents that Nubis does not endorse or control the content or accuracy of the elements of those external sources. Nubis cannot be held responsible for the usage of those external elements.


All trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

Technical Support

Technical support is provided by our online support center and is included in the website subscription. Phone based support is provided at extra costs. Response time will vary based on demands. Actions are taken on a first come, first served basis.


The contract between the visitor and Nubis (and the User) of this website is governed by the laws of the Province of Quebec, Canada. The parties agree to elect domicile in the judicial district of Laval, Quebec, Canada and select it as the appropriate district for the hearing of any proceeding or action arising under this agreement.