Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This present privacy policy applies only to this website, property of Nubis Innovations Inc. (hereinafter “Nubis”).

The goal of this policy consists of informing you about:

(1) The scope of this policy;

(2) Personal informations and their intended use;

(3) Limiting Use, Disclosure, and Retention.

Range of this policy

This privacy policy applies only to the personal information gathered on this website (excluding third party websites) that could lead to users’ identification.

When you navigate on this website, we gather information that would not allow you to be identified, such as your connection speed as well as the different webpages you are currently accessing within this website. This information, not being part of the current policy, is kept for a certain time period to improve website usability, to enhance visitors’ and users’ experience.

Personal information and their intended uses

Personal information is information, allowing you to be identified, such as your name / address. No personal information is collected without your consent.

Some personal information is required to use the transactional section of this website, for email support and other related tasks such as calculating payroll.

Note that this website uses cookies to allow us to better adapt this website to your needs. Cookies can be deactivated at any time using your internet browser options.

Personal information could also be used to communicate information about our products and services.

Limiting Use, Disclosure, and Retention

Excluding the current terms of this policy, we do not share supplied personal information with any third party without your consent.

Owners of Nubis as well as commercial partners collaborating with this website could have access to a certain amount of personal information. All parties consent and respect this current policy.

Some information could be disclosed following court orders or when a government inquiry is made.


This contract between Nubis and the visitor or the user of this website will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of province of Quebec, Canada. Parties agree to elect domicile in the Laval, province of Quebec, Canada judicial distric and select this district to be adopted for any reclamation that ensues from the present agreement.


Nubis reserves the right to modify the current policy at any time. Modifications will be displayed on this page if the situation ensues.

This policy consists of the unique and integral agreement of privacy policies between Nubis and its visitors or users. If you were to disagree with any clause in this policy, we advise that you do not visit this website anymore.

By visiting this website, you are consenting to this policy and recognize that Nubis is doing all the necessary efforts to protect your personal information.